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    Rioja Bartender Guide

    Use this handy guide to help educate bartenders on Rioja.

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  • 09rioja_DOCa map

    Rioja DOCa Map

    View in more detail the cities part of the Rioja region.

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  • 09Rioja_Euro-Spain map

    Rioja European Map

    See a different view of Rioja compared to the rest of Europe.

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  • 09rioja_rainfall map

    Rioja Rainfall Map

    Learn more about the rainfall the different regions within Rioja get every year.

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  • 09rioja_regions map

    Rioja Regions Map

    Explore the three different regions within Rioja.

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  • 09rioja_soil types map

    Rioja Soil Types Map

    View a map of all the soil varieties found in Rioja.

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    Rioja Vintage Chart

    Be sure to use this chart as you're learning about Vintage Rioja.

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  • 2015 Rioja Tapas & Wine Festival // © Galdones Photography/Kelly Allison for Taste Network

    Sommelier Guide

    Specific tips and information tailored to sommeliers with information they may not know or to help sell to customers

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Showing 11–18 of 18 results