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    Promoting DOCa Rioja

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    Certifying DOCa Rioja

    The first document to make reference to protecting and ensuring the quality of Rioja wines dating from 1650, even before in 1102, King Sancho of Navarra legally recognized our prestigious wines.

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    Annual Report 2016

    View Rioja's 2016 Annual Report here.

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    Annual Report 2017

    View Rioja's 2017 Annual Report here.

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    At Home with Rioja

    Use this guide to help with entertaining at home the True Rioja way!

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    DOCa Rioja Regional Map

    A different view of the Rioja region.

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    Explore Rioja from Above

    Watch this video to see Rioja from a birds-eye view.

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    Guarding DOCa Rioja

    In the evolution to the present Rioja wine is the approval in 1970 of the Rules of the Appellation of Origin and its Regulatory Board. In the same year when the agency acquired a well-defined structure and functions: "The defense of the Denomination of Origin, implementation, monitoring and promoting the quality of the wines covered were mandated, first, the Control Board."

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    Pairing Guide

    List of types of food that pair with types of Rioja: Cosecha, Crianza, Reserva, Gran Reserva.

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    Protecting DOCa Rioja

    On 3 April 1991 a Ministerial Order granted the status of Qualified Denomination of Origin 'Rioja' first and only in Spain that has this range.

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