New Seasons – Slabtown

Carmel Rosa | Winner
New Seasons – Slabtown

Not to brag, but our first store in Northwest Portland is a beaut. Choose from tons of lunch and dinner options, including a wok bar, a ramen bar, a sandwich shop and a Latin American grill featuring Arepas, a traditional Venezuelan street food in the form of savory, gluten-free corn cakes. Take all of it to go—or stay and enjoy indoor and outdoor seating. Need a mellow place to enjoy a glass of wine, happy hour-style? Hang at our wine and beer bar. And this just in: our Slabtown store just received Green Globe certification, a recognition for its sustainable building achievements! Yay!

What has been your professional experience with Rioja wine? Please share a memory or experience with Rioja wine.

I participated in the Rioja Wine staff training class where I learned in depth about all your wines and we were able to sample over 10 different Rioja wines. Getting a chance to actually try the wines gives you that personal connection to the product that you are then able to share with customers. Using the knowledge from the class I coordinated 2 different Rioja events at Slabtown NSM. One of the events was a two day weekend tasting.

Photo of New Seasons - Slabtown

How was the experience of participating in a contest? Have you participated in any other contest before?

Full disclosure: I LOVE contests! This one was awesome because of all the supportive give-away product and training. It made it easy to merchandise and talk about the product. This was the first social media driven contest that I have participated in. I have done other retail/merchandising contests in the past and have won for my merchandising displays.

Tell us something you are passionate about outside of work. What is a passion you have?

I have always loved wine, but need to put it on hold for a bit since I am pregnant! And…with twins! My husband and I are very passionate about this new adventure of welcoming two baby boys to the world. That $500 GC is really going to come in handy 😉


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One factor that makes Rioja a world class wine is its ability to be aged for a long time, and the fact that the winery ages the wines before release. In fact, Rioja has long set the standard for extended aging, having defined the requirements.